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Founders partnering with other founders. Kin Ventures is the next generation of venture capital.
How We Help

We give our companies an unfair advantage by giving access to talent they otherwise would not have.

Our in-house recruiting team has collectively over 30+ years of experience and is specifically focused on technical talent. Given our reputation, network, access, we are the best at hiring engineering talent.
The team at Kin Ventures already feels like an extension of our team. The quality of the candidates is like nothing we've seen before, and it is a huge value add to us given we are building out our product roadmap quickly. In the first month, we already had one candidate hired and another offer pending -- a significant acceleration and time savings in this competitive market. Kin Ventures is already one of the most impactful investors in our cap table and we’re very excited about this partnership together!
Eric Dillon
Eric Dillon
CTO of Logixboard
Who We Invest In

We back bold & daring entrepreneurs who are building a better future through technology.

We focus on high-growth companies in technology and invest in seed stage to Series B in several core areas.
Enterprise software
Supply chain & logistics
Digital health

Teams that we have backed.

Our Team’s Prior Investments
Our Team

As former founders and operators, we’ve been in your shoes.

Tina Hoang-To

Tina Hoang-To

Founding General Partner
Tina invests across a wide range of sectors, with direct experience in both consumer and enterprise software businesses...
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Our partners love us.

From first contact, Tina has been amazing to work with - her lived experience as an operator and investor at both early and growth stage makes her a fantastic force of will to have on your side as a founder. Any time we need advice on a particularly nuanced question, the Kin team has the relationships to connect us to the right people. When it comes to hiring, the Kin team goes over and above even our unreasonable expectations of investor help to find talent. From IC to leadership, the quality of candidates they have introduced us to has been a huge time saver with an unmatched pass rate, and the economic model makes it such that Osmos can make extremely competitive offers to candidates. With Kin’s help, I can offer candidates higher pay without the requisite 20% additional amount going to recruiting agency fees.
kirat headshot
Kirat Pandya
Co-Founder and CEO, Osmos
Hiring exceptional engineers is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do as both a manager and founder. After working closely with several VCs and recruiting agencies, I’ve had the most success with Kin Ventures talent team. They send a fraction of the volume compared to other search firms but the quality is 2X better. These candidates fly through our interview process.

In the last few months, we’ve been looking to hire over 10 engineers and we received 100+ resumes from several agencies. Of those, we didn’t hire anyone. This was a big waste of time and resources. With Kin Ventures, we received 7 resumes and hired 2 exceptional engineers. They are the best at what they do, and we ultimately get access to talent we otherwise wouldn’t see. Hiring these engineers allows us to execute better and faster as a company -- it’s truly game changing.”
Gil Feig
Gil Feig
Co-Founder and CTO, Merge
When we added Tina to the Board, it was like adding much needed bench depth to our executive suite. Tina is an unpretentious, financially-minded entrepreneur.  As a former Founder, she's able to tackle complex strategic challenges but she'll also roll up her sleeves with me for tactical issues that might turn away some VCs. At the same time, Tina has helped me recruit seasoned SaaS veterans who have scaled major B2B companies. She's been a teammate and a confidant around sensitive issues that require an extra layer of trust. I'd highly recommend her to any leadership opportunity that requires grit, intelligence and proven operator competency.
Cameron Yarbrough
Cameron Yarbrough
Co-Founder and CEO, Torch
When I first met Tina, her knowledge of the clinical trials industry, our competitors, and Medable blew me away! Tina leads with domain expertise and I just knew she’d be a value added advisor to me and the Company. Since Tina has been an founder and operator herself, she’s been a great sounding board for fundraising and how to handle conversations with investors. The big plus is she gets it — the founder empathy comes out in spades when she’s giving me advice for internal matters. She’s seen both sides of the coin. Tina is someone I would definitely want on the cap table as an investor for any company I found in the future!
Michelle Longmire
Michelle Longmire
Co-Founder and CEO, Medable